I started National Novel Writing Month very early this morning.  There are people who are not writing novels this month.  There are lots of other people doing other creative things this month as well.  Seems to be a good time to undo the bonds of resistance to our creativity.

I’ve decided that I need to do something constructive about my drawing, so I am starting a project for this month.  I’m calling it NaPaDraMo–National Panel Drawing Month.  OK, so it’s not national, but it could be.  It’s definitely about drawing panels and I’m limiting it to the month.  What exactly am I limiting?

I am limiting myself to drawing 100 panels a day.

Whoa! That’s a lot, you might say.  Not really.  I’m defining a panel as a little rectangle on a page.  I am limiting myself to just filling up that panel with some drawing.  I’ve made a list of what I want to accomplish.  And I’ve made a good start.  I already did over 100 panels today.  All of the panels fit on one page in my sketchbook.  I didn’t say how big the panels have to be!

Why one hundred?  I got a lot out of the time I spent posting entries to the 100Words.com site.  Besides rhythm and editing, I learned how to manage the barriers I felt to engaging writing on a daily basis.  This is what I hope to get from making 100 panels a day.

So, the plan?  I won’t be posting all the work here.  Instead, I’ll post the pages/panels I like the best.  I am starting another blog to discuss the project and will possibly post some on Flickr.  Meanwhile…off to start the new blog.

Edited to add: Blog is here!