green-bunnyI could have kept messing with this forever in trying to get it “right”.  Everything is reminding me of spiders (still).

I was inspired by Ed Emberley (who Melanie mentioned in her previous post) and tried working with shapes in Photoshop.   Reminded me very much of playing with a grown-up version of Colorforms.

I had no premeditated message and it took me a while to figure out what the bunny wanted to say.  In fact, I didn’t even realize how the title of this post would come into play until just this red hot minute.   Making an ecological statement was the farthest thing from my conscious mind when I started messing with the shapes.   I had no idea what to title this and so I started with Go Green and a big shrug.  Then adding This Easter sort of materialized.  Now it makes almost too much sense.

I swear there are fairies in my head.


Rose In Motion

Rose In Motion

Again I used Photoshop to manipulate my original image by changing color saturation and the shape of the frame but I don’t think I was really very successful in making it look like motion. If I kept fiddling with it, though, it would never get posted. So I tried something else.

Blurred Rose

Blurred Rose

With this one I played with Gaussian blur, image lightness and also color temperature, adding a cyan photo filter on the left and then gradually going to orange. I also added a watercolor filter on the final frame. I think this one is more successful by far. In both cases, though, it’s that image just before the final one that seems to be the trickiest. There must be a better way to go about my general idea.

Blur blur blurblurblurbluhbluhbleeeeee

Rin Around the Rosey

Ring Around the Rosey

How Escher-esque and Infinite Fool of me, eh?

Thank goodness for Photoshop! Cut and paste is a breeze. And this exercise gave me a chance to play around with gradients a bit. I didn’t think until just now, though, that I could have played around with blurring. I may do another one tomorrow.

It’s interesting what Heart says as today I was practicing an exercise from MindLight: Secrets of Energy, Magick & Manifestation in which I focused on visualizing energy between my hands while measuring my breathing while listening to what was  going on in the world around me. The purpose is to bridge the inner and outer worlds.  The best part was that I actually began to see the energy with just my normal vision.  I was describing it to a friend as being like when you run your hand underwater and see the swirls that trail behind it.

I would say our hearts were in sync today, Melanie.