so… I thought the bunny upload of the day should reflect that.

 bunnies and pollen

bunnies and pollen

I finally got the tablet up and running so I did this on Gimp.  It’s fun finding out what the program will do within the framework of a task.  I got the idea about pollen from the way the brush tool worked.  That and not wanting to keep doing the thing over.

For the bunnies, it’s the same doodling effort.  Still starting from the ears and making that and the head in one line.  For these I used more than one line because I wanted to work the tablet a bit more.  The baby bunnies was a one-line exercise, though.

OK.   Off to blow my nose again.


Still no tablet, but I decided I prefer what I can do in Gimp better than what I do in Paint.


The original task I proposed for myself was to draw a bunny with a single line.  Some of these are done that way.  However, the nature of the way they were drawn required me to go in and add lines to keep the paint in.  While a few look like pathetic attempts of turtles to adopt bunny disguises, there are a couple that are passable as bunny-type gestures.  They seem to capture the essence of the bunny, the rabbit and all it’s manifestations.  That is what I was going for with both the exercise and this post.

The method of comic books is draw and trace.  I forget this a lot of the time which leaves me feeling inadequate to the task of making something expressive and creative.  The more of these kinds of one-line doodles I make, the more I will have to choose from when it comes time to create a story about rabbits.

I didn’t realize how much a perfectionist I was until I did this image.

srrange creature that it is

srrange creature that it is

I don’t like it.  I did this because I don’t know how to draw with shapes in Gimp. So, I used Paint.   It’s times like this that I miss my tablet.  I miss the movement of drawing that the tablet simulates even though I’m stll not used to the feel on the surface.

That tension is how I choose pens for daily use.  The paper in my journal suits the pen I use, a Pilot Precise V5.  It’s too fine to use on paper with any real tooth to it.  For drawing paper, as an example, the V7–which is way too heavy for the journal paper–makes a line similar to the finer pen on smoother paper.

My journals?  Miquelrius, a Spanish brand.  I originally found them at Barnes and Noble.  Then, I guess the Moleskine popularity suggested they market themselves directly.  Now, they can be found online in all their variety.  I prefer the red covers for some reason.  Love the weight of the volume.  Don’t know how many pages, but I expect 300.

I’ve been lazing about for the last couple of days, having a couple of extra days off work.  I have also been doing some preparatory work for future lessons, so get your tools ready.  We’re coming up to story pretty soon!

OH, before I forget… A doodler to add to the rolls: Doodlage.  Her site is dedicated to doodling of all kinds with some amazing collections.

Danish artists Doodled installation

Danish artist's Doodled installation