so… I thought the bunny upload of the day should reflect that.

 bunnies and pollen

bunnies and pollen

I finally got the tablet up and running so I did this on Gimp.  It’s fun finding out what the program will do within the framework of a task.  I got the idea about pollen from the way the brush tool worked.  That and not wanting to keep doing the thing over.

For the bunnies, it’s the same doodling effort.  Still starting from the ears and making that and the head in one line.  For these I used more than one line because I wanted to work the tablet a bit more.  The baby bunnies was a one-line exercise, though.

OK.   Off to blow my nose again.


We are intending to create a place in which we share our efforts to make graphic stories, visual narratives.

There is a simpler way of saying this.  I just don’t have it yet!  As one of the Admins, I am going to focus on keeping us on topic.  I am looking for sites that emphasize narrative drawing, sequential art, and of course, inspire us to keep on path.

That path? (deleted 1 Feb 2009– Why?  See the post.)

I have taken my own first steps, and decided how to integrate storytelling with imagery.  I am rearranging my flat to support my intent.  What are you doing in your Real Life to support your intent to draw more?