I didn’t even use the tablet!

the view from my window today

the view from my window today

I knew I would take up digital drawing again so I thought this would be a good place to start getting familiar.  I remembered that I used to doodle leaves as well, such a long time ago.  I was staring at the leaves on the bushes outside my window, marveling at how closely the colors match my “home decor”.  So, getting to know Gimp, I decided to put it together  (I think I got the background color as close to Sacramento Blue as possible).

Let’s say, for the moment at least, that I am putting away the pedant and taking up a challenge  (knowing me it will only last for about a minute or two, but our hope springs eternal).  I think it’s time to call out The Bunnies.  Using Ed Emberley for inspiration (since I seem to have missed out on all his fun) I challenge both of us to bring out mutual Bunnies to life.  Portrait panels.  I’m keeping mine at ATC size since the WordPress likes them. Even if it is only one Bunny, what are its manifestations?  One a day till next week.  I’ll leave off the pedantics till then.  Maybe I can even find the tablet!

Oh, and try and talk Eric into playing along.  Would love to see his digital wonderfulness.

Heart: In the whole process, focus on appreciating the movement of your hand, how well it coordinates with your thoughts, how–even in hesitation–the hand is listening for the voice of the mind.  Appreciate how the hand and mind work together in all the actions of the day without your conscious attention.  Appreciate, also the quiet curving of an infants hands, the groping of a baby’s hands, the dexterous touch of toddlers as they grasp minutiae as their own universe.  Marvel, with joy, the abilities of hands in all the world to make magic.  Images from nothing more than movement through dirt.  Sound from the surface of the water.  Healing from a touch.

For a moment, stop and feel the heart as it connects through the pulse to the hand.  Delight in its own pleasure at being able to act so beautifully in the world.